About me ‘n’ the blog

My name’s Wayne and I live in the MidSouth. I’m a totally unrepentant bookaholic, and consider myself pretty knowledgeable on the subject of fiction, particularly the genre variety: science-fiction (if you dare use the awful rendering,”sci-fi” in my presence, prepare to be vanquished), urban fantasy,  mystery (particularly mysteries with lesbian protagonists, an’, yeah, I like the term “lesfic” a l m o s t  as much as I do “sci-fi.” Shudder), and  a little epic fantasy.

So, this is gonna be a book blog, comprising reviews, for the most part. All the genres above, and maybe just a smidgen of YA, too. While this isn’t a solicitation per se , I will gladly accept free materials in exchange for a thoroughly honest review, in the above genres and, preferably, with female protagonists, but not necessarily lesbian. Feminist themes are appreciated, but, again, not a requirement. To give you an idea of what to expect, I’ll begin posting some twenty to thirty reviews in the next couple of days, beginning with my last ten or fifteen books read, and then, a sample of reviews, both positive and negative, which I think are among my better efforts.

I don’t like to write negative reviews, really, I don’t, in part because I’ve been working on a first novel for almost two years, and I admire the time and effort someone has had to put forth to bring a book into print. However, any reviewer needs to be honest above all else, otherwise his reviews are fit only to wrap old coffee grounds. While I’m not so pessimistic as to totally buy into Ted Sturgeon’s assertion that ninety percent of everything is crap,  let’s face it, there are books out there just don’t measure up to even the most forgiving standards. I don’t pull punches, but I do think I’m fair and consistent.

On occasion, I’m asked why I read so much lesbian fiction,, mostly mysteries, but urban fantasy/paranormal when I can find decent examples. Sometimes, the question is accompanied by a Python-esque “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” à là Eric Idle, eliciting gnashing of teeth on my part. Less frequently, it’s accompanied by something resembling a leer, which means that, in all likelihood, the interrogator and I won’t be having these little tête-à-têtes in the future.

Anyway, somewhat over a decade ago, I was browsing a website, looking for female PI’s. Not a clue which website — did ya get the part about over a decade ago? As a fan of V.I., Kinsey, Carlotta, and Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone, among others,  I wanted to expand my horizons. One of the authors listed was J.M. Redmann, and it turned out that the local public libe had a copy of Death by the Riverside. The rest, as they say, is history. Something just resonated within me as no fiction had before. There was an emotional content I hadn’t found in any other genre, at least not to the same extent. Whatever the reason, I was hooked and landed. Maybe even filleted and grilled.

Please note: On occasion, I may use language you won’t find in, oh, say, Reader’s Digest. Nothing truly objectionable, but, if you’re the sort of person who objects to “hell” and “damn” and the occasional — gasp! — f-word, I just wanna let you know in advance.

So, thanks for checking this out. Good day, and good reading!



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