A Review of Out of Sight (Denise Cleever Thrillers, #3) by Claire McNab

Blurb summary:  “A vicious terrorist group is operating deep within the wild reaches of Australia’s remote Kimberley region. Though the government is aware of their presence, the group’s cat-and-mouse tactics and absolute secrecy has made it impossible to stop. The only way to destroy this powerful threat to national security is from the inside. And no one’s better under cover than hotshot Intelligence Agent Denise Cleever.Using every ruse she knows, Denise infiltrates the terrorist training camp – knowing full well that if she is found out, her ruthless ‘comrades’ will torture her to death. But when she is ordered to kill someone as a final test of her loyalty, she faces the most difficult choice of her career: take an innocent life – or lose her own”

My review: I didn’t enjoy this one as much as McNab’s first two books in the series. It was a bit drier. Not bad, but sort of bland. Not much of a climax, and what there was ended really quickly. Not as much suspense as I’ve come to expect from McNab, either. Just at the end. And Norbert’s ultimate fate was really obvious, too. Snap!!!

As usual with Claire McNab, the writing is fine from a technical standpoint, not always a guarantee with Naiad releases. Okay, it’s a bit dated, and the terrorist training could use a lot more detail. It’s a little dry, as I mentioned, but still an pretty enjoyable reading experience, and there are some nice descriptive passage of the scenery of the Aussie bush.

One consistency issue: At one point, we’re told that there are four compulsory classes at the terrorist training camp; no more than five or six pages later we’re told that there are three. Naiad never had the best editing, I know, but anybody shoulda caught that one.


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