A review of Kris Longknife: Furious (Kris Longknife #10) by Mike Shepherd


ONLINE PLOT SUMMARY: “Having used unorthodox methods to save a world—and every sentient being on it—Lieutenant Commander Kris Longknife is wanted across the galaxy for crimes against humanity. For her own safety, she’s been assigned to a backwater planet where her Fast Patrol Squadron 127 enforces immigration control and smuggler interdiction.

But Kris is a Longknife, and nothing can stop her from getting back to the center of things—not when all hell is breaking loose. Now she’s on the run, hunted by both military and civilian authorities—and since the civilian authorities happen to be her immediate family, Kris soon finds herself homeless, broke, and on trial for her life on an alien world…”

MY REVIEW: l Iiked it, but didn’t exactly kvel. Knowwhudimean? There are probably better space opera/military science-fiction series out there, but its hard to think of any that are more fun. I felt the series had sort of gone downhill in the last few entries, mostly because Kris’ self-aware personal computer was becoming more and more annoying, but also because there was a certain sameness in the plots. Furious, for me, returns almost to the level of the earlier books of the series. One major complaint: the actions of Kris’ one-time nemesis, later friend, Vicky Peterwald are completely out of character as portrayed in the previous couple of books.

Lots of humor, but, if you’re familiar with the series, you’ve heard most of it before. Plenty of excitement and suspense. Likable characters, particularly Princess Kristine and her security officer Penny. For some reason, the romance between Her Highness and her body guard, Jack, just doesn’t work for me. Hell, maybe I’m just jealous; I like Kris a lot. But, as I said, Nelly is RFA (Really…Annoying) and Kris’ maid, Abby, is getting pretty damned close to joining her in that category.

Decent writing. Fast paced. Likable characters, for the most part. Interesting, if not awfully original plot. Mostly, though just a good ol’ time of a read. Reviewing another book in the series for Tor.com, Liz Bourke opined the Kris Longknife series was a good kind of “pure fluff…entertainingly sticky, full of implausible successes, assassins, fleet actions and daredevil do-or-die gallantry.” I wouldn’t disagree with a word, except to add that it’s some of the most entertaining “fluff” out there.


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