A review of Passion Bay, by Jennifer Fulton


ONLINE PLOT SUMMARY: “Passionate romance, mystery and intrigue on virgin beaches under a tropical sky.”

MY SYNOPSIS: New Zealander Cody, whose lover has just left her, and who has been made redundant at her job, receives a severance check for S100,000 instead of the expected $10,000. American Annabel Worth, meanwhile, has inherited Moon Island from her recently deceased Aunt. Cody, fearing she’s being hunted by her former emploryer or by the bank, books a flight to the same tiny island, which rents its five cabins to women only. Adventure and romance ensue.

MY REVIEW: An quick, easy read. Though I don’t usually read novels which are strictly romance, this is one of the better ones I’ve come across. A nice enough story, enjoyable, with very good writing from a technical standpoint. Two likeable characters. Secondary characters, all save one, are colorful and add to the reader’s enjoyment. There’s a bit of suspense when a hurricane strikes, as well as a mystery, involving Annabel’s true identity and her aunt’s diaries.

At first, I thought that having Cody reading a novel about Amanda Valentine (written under another of Jennifer Knight’s synonyms, Rose Beecham) roughly 3/4 of the way through was sort of cute, but later when Annabel has a one-night stand with a writer actually named Rose Beecham, cute became “hokey” and almost completely ruined an otherwise very pleasant reading experience. It made it nearly impossible to take anything in the book seriously. I felt as though the author, under whichever name, had been, as the Brits would say, “having us on” the whole fucking time. Too cute by half. Really disappointing given the otherwise solid story and excellent writing.


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