A review of Chimney Rock Blues (Tru North #4) by Kate McClellan

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ONLINE PLOT SUMMARY: “A routine assignment turns deadly when Detective Tru North and the witness she’s sworn to protect become the unwary prey of a pair of deranged cop killers.”

MY REVIEW: It’s always kinda sad when you read the final volume in a series. Finishing Chimney Rock Blues, that feeling was intensified by the fact that I’d enjoyed each successive entry more than the previous one, and had come to really like protagonist Detective Tru North. Oh, sure, you can always reread a book at some point, but, then, there’s that whole so-many-books anxiety to deal with. Sigh… And in this final installment, not only does she seem to have settled on a less demanding relationship with recent lover, CB — I never cared for Marki, her old lover, anyway — but she also appears to be willing to share more of her past and her personal life.

Anyway, this is more in the nature of a thriller than a mystery/police procedural. And, yeah, the coincidence of the perp Tru and the Feebs are after literally falling into Tru’s lap, through no efforts of her own, seems more than a little contrived. In spite of that, this was a very enjoyable, quick read with solid writing and very engaging characters.

If there’s a downside, other than that there’s no Volume 5, it’s that there’s not enough of Tru in this one. A large part of the novel takes place from third person POVs where our heroine isn’t around. I understand that, given the nature of the story, the scenes where Tru’s absent are necessary; that’s the only way this one would work. I get it. That doesn’t keep me from wanting more Tru, though. ‘Specially since this is the final book, and she’s, as I said above, she’s becoming ever more likable as a character. Oh, well…

Still, enjoyable story, likable characters, good writing, plenty of action. Definitely worth your time.


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